May. 31st, 2012

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My mom texted me yesterday morning that her roommate had kicked her out. 12 hours later she texts me saying she found an apartment she likes and is staying with her dad for the night. For someone who claims to hate drama so much, she sure does have a lot of it recently, sheesh.

Also? I can finally fit into ALL my pre pregnancy Jeans. This makes me happy. Well, Jeans before I had Jonah. 3 sizes to go and 19 pounds before I get to my weight and size before I had Audri. I finally think it's doable, though. In January, right after I had Jonah, that seemed like an impossible goal. Now it's reachable. I have hit a weight plateau, again, but the manager of the gym approached me the other day and asked if I'd be interested in a free boot camp workout class. UH, yes, yes I would be interested. I'm hoping that'll give me the extra push I need to keep on keeping on and break this goofy plateau. And maybe I'll go back to counting calories again, too, eh.

Good things, man, good things.

Still in need of a better job for husband but we're working in it....

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