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Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
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I'm a quirky, married, tattooed, mama. I drink a lot of coffee and read a lot of books. Crunchy mama of 3; I'm a nerd, really, with books, tattoos, and cheap hair dye. I'm a vegetarian and a full on animal lover. Special Needs Advocate. I'm a photographer of sorts and love to sew little sock monsters and monkeys. All posts are mine.

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35mm, adventures, advocating., alice in wonderland, anais nin, ani difranco, animal rights, anne sexton, anti circumcision, art, attachment parenting, august 25 2005, avocados, baby wearing, being caffeinated, billie holiday, black and white photography, body art, books, breastfeeding, caffiene, cafés, cameras, chap stick, charles bukowski, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, coffee!, corrina corrina, creativity, cuddles, dancing, dark chocolate, darkrooms, december 5th 2008, drawing, espresso, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind, extended breastfeeding, family, feminism, friends, gentle christian mothers, grunge, grunge. metal. alternative. folk., hair dye, handmade, hunter s. thompson, husband, i love all the books., inside jokes, january 13th 2006, january 2nd 2012, jim morrison, journals, kissing, libraries, literature, little annoying bothersome quirks, long letters, loud sloppy passionate kisses, love, mail, making pretty smart friends, maya angelou, midwifery, midwives, mix cds, motherhood, multicoloured stripy socks, natural childbirth, neil gaiman, nick hornby, penpals, photobooths, photography that isn't digital, picture taking, poetry, psychology, rain, reading, reading all the books, road trips, royal tenebaums, sewing sock monsters, sleeping, sock monkeys, spirituality, stranger than fiction, sylvia plath, taking naps, tattoos, thrifting, tim burton, tori amos, traveling, vegetarian, veggie foods, whole foods, writing, writing letters, yoga,
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