May. 9th, 2013 04:57 pm
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Julian still sees a speech pathologist and a physical therapist. Twice a week for a total of four hours a week.

Today his speech pathologist suggested he get reevaluated for occupational therapy, but this time focusing on sensory issues. Specifically, Sensory integration (which is the new term for sensory processing disorder- SPD).

I'm flustered, I'll admit. Adding an extra therapy to our schedule means an extra two hours per week. Six hours of therapy every stupid week. Six. Hours.

But if he has SI and we can get him help? Yes. We'll do it. No questions, we do what is best for our children. And apparently this is considered a "special needs" thing? Huh. I guess that's relative.

I've checked out some websites and red flag signs to look at, and he does have a list of things on there. But what's to say he's not just a little quirky? Maybe that's just wishful thinking? Or maybe he won't need OT after all? We talk with her on Tuesday.

Specific things the therapist noticed? He's always wiggling, can't sit still, sometimes falls off the chair. Runs into walls on purpose. Chews on clothes and licks things. The crashing thing is apparently a big red flag.

Things I've noticed? Late speech/motor skills. Late potty training. Dumps out all the toys in the toy bin just to look at things. Likes to be loud. All. The. Time. Gets overstimulated socially. Aggressive outbursts... I could go on, actually.

See. Maybe if there were a couple of things, but it's a long list. Sigh.

This child. Always. Something. Always.

I'll bounce back tomorrow. There are worse things going on in the world,obviously. But sometimes? It's fucking exhausting being an advocate for your children.

Tomorrow is another day, ho hum.
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