Aug. 27th, 2013


Aug. 27th, 2013 02:05 pm
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I keep forgetting about lj. I'm on Facebook and twitter more. Twitter a bunch these days, though that seems to go in phases. Anybody over there that I should add, that I already haven't? 'Cause really.

But. I chopped off 12 inches of my hair. TWELVE INCHES. That's kinda huge for me. I've had long hair forever. But I was tired of the length; it was always getting in my way and I was shedding something crazy anyway, and my husband doesn't really dig long hair. Plus, all I was doing was putting my hair up in a pony tail/bun. At least with short hair, I feel the urge to be more creative. So. It's still long enough to put into a teeny tiny pony tail, which is a must for me. I need to be able to put my hair back with I run. Even if the only running I've been doing is pretend. HAH. I miss running. I loved it, really. But I haven't had time lately. I need to make time.


I donated it to Locks of Love or whatever, so I feel better about doing that, at least. And now I'll grow it back out and chop it off in another five years; it's the cycle that I'm stuck on, I'm afraid. Or maybe I'll really dig it this time and keep it shorter.

The step dad character is STILL in the psych ward. His release date keeps getting pushed back. I wouldn't even want to even keep track of it personally, except that my mother constantly keeps me informed. I'm more interested how he'll be once he's back out. My mother keeps messaging the masses on facebook with things like, "IF HE COULD STRANGLE ME WHEN WE WERE MARRIED JUST THINK OF WHAT HE'S GOING TO DO WHEN WE'RE DIVORCED AND HE HATES ME." and then my personal favorite, "IF I'M MURDERED YOU KNOW WHO DID IT." But yet she sends me texts saying she's not concerned at all for her safety and if anything, she thinks he'll just off himself. So, um, there is that, whatever THAT is (besides a big mess and maybe her need for attention just showing slightly there, eh).

Audri started second grade yesterday. At a new school. Talk about another mess. My heart ached a little for her when she went on the bus today with tears in her eyes, "No body sat on the bus with me yesterday." I have a feeling she'll do better as time goes on. She told me she didn't meet "any friends" but then later, on the phone with my father she said, "I only met three or four people!" HAH! She is her father's child, man. Three or four people would be huge for me. I'm good with one or two, really.

That husband and I celebrated our EIGHT year anniversary over the weekend. My dad kept the big kids and my mother in law kept the little dude for a few hours. It was pretty nice. EIGHT years. I'm starting to feel old, yo.

Oh the boys are screaming. OOF. I have a feeling, this is going to be a long week of transitions. Longer than this damn entry. Adios!

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