Apr. 7th, 2013

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I stopped taking my antidepressant/anti anxiety meds. I'm just tired of them. And I'm stopping at a time where if I need to go back on them,I have plenty of them left. Do I really need those stupid pills to make me feel normal? Or are they a crutch to lean on? I don't know. Plus I'm tired of feeling exhausted all the time and numb, numb, numb. I couldn't cry if I tried right now. And I can't create anything, either. Which really bothers me. I'm taking up space being numb and bored. I miss feeling passionate about little things in life.

Meh. Hopefully this won't back fire and turn into a melodramatic mess. But if that happens,I have months left worth of pills sitting around. Eh.

I haven't taken one pill in three days? Four? No serious withdrawal symptom, which I'm thankful for. My eyes are having a more difficult time focusing but that's really it. Hopefully the headaches don't start. Meh.

Life. I would like to feel something please. Without being self destructive or dumb.

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