Feb. 11th, 2013

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This weekend we spent the majority of it trying to find a new place to live. Rent in Austin has gone up so drastically, it's ridiculous. You wouldn't think it'd be difficult to find a place under 1200 for three bedrooms, but it is, even apartments, which is just absurd.

So, we started looking in the outskirts of Austin. And we found a place that we just love, in Georgetown. We put in an application last night. It's just beautiful. Two story house, 1800 square feet, and it's just a block away from one of my husband's friends (that he works with and that has kids). And that works out well because his wife is pregnant and will need a full time nanny when the baby is born. I've had a break from nanny work but I wouldn't mind picking it back up again, man. Not at all. Also? CAR POOLING. Which is a plus since it's not close to his work, at all. I do dig Georgetown, too. It's just a cute little town. The library is just amazing (I'm a nerd, I know, but that is important to me, haha), and the people seem to be so friendly. My husband actually grew up in Georgetown and ended up knowing one of the relaters we were working with, hah. He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of moving back but if we get this house? Totally worth it. Man it's just awesome. And it's only 80 bucks more than what we're paying right now, which is kinda sweet. The only thing that could screw us is the credit check. But man, if we have good credit: WE'D BE BUYING A HOUSE. Hello. Sigh. I'm crossing fingers and toes, thinking happy thoughts, and praying that we get this house. otherwise? I have no idea where we'll move. Because if we get turned down for this one? Chances are, we'll get rejected most other places, too.

Besides being thirty plus minutes from husband's work, the other draw back is that we'd need to move in the first of March. Oye. I don't even HAVE BOXES yet. I'm trying not to freak out yet... but we need to start packing. And by me, I mostly mean: ME, of course. In between taking kids to therapy sessions and school and the normal day to day crap that is domestic life.

My mom is coming to visit March 8-14. Which may be good timing or crap timing for this move. We'll see, I suppose. She sent us a book in the mail that she made from shutterfly. All pictures of my grandmother that passed away. And it's sweet that she thought of us-- it's kinda cute. Kinda, I don't know... hmm. I don't want to seem ungrateful at all but the woman is worse than I am at grammar. Hah. It's a cute book though and I dig it.

Oye. I need boxes. Stat.

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